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Choose Your Plan

With Every Meal Plan You Can Expect:

  • A weekly chef curated menu designed with the freshest ingredients

  • 3 meals delivered to your door every Monday

  • Reasonable dietary accommodations

  • An invitation to a private Facebook group for health eats and fitness

  • Weekly email of the upcoming menu with a message from the chef.



Adding Color to Your Nutrition

Each set of meals is curated with a careful and balanced approach to your dietary requirements. Adding in super grains and super foods to create the best way to taste the rainbow. No shortage of vitamins and minerals with less fat and more of what the earth has to offer. 

$115 billed monthly

Grilled Vegetables
Image by Micheile Henderson


From the Chef's Table

With a balanced portion of meats, grains, and vegetables, these meals are ideal for on the go professionals looking to refuel for the day ahead. With special care given to dietary restrictions, let us take on more thing off your plate so you can focus on what matters most.

$125 billed monthly

Mexican Food
Super Protein
Image by Loija Nguyen

Super Protein

Meat Lovers Dream

Doubling your protein portion for each meal, this plan is designed for the muscle building carnivores. Reduce your cravings, burn more fat, and a kick start to your weight loss goals.

$150 billed monthly

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